The Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI) is a think tank composed of global pioneers in the Digital Securities (Security Token) and Blockchain Payments space who are building the future of financial systems on the blockchain.  Founded by international Fintech and Blockchain entrepreneur Gregory Keough the IBI is at the forefront of this new shift enabling trillions of dollars to migrate to the blockchain.

Global 100 Founding Members

Gregory Keough
Founder and Chairman, Institute for Blockchain Innovation
Jeremy Gardner
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Ausum Ventures
Genevieve Roch-Decter
CEO of Grit Capital
Sheel Mohnot
Partner 500 Startups
Danny Rukhman
Blockchain Enthusiast & Investor
Stephen McKeon
Associate Professor of Finance, University of Oregon
Mason Borda
CEO Tokensoft
Derek Acree
Financial Industry Attorney
Trevor Koverko
CEO at Polymath
Anand Datla
Head of Assessments and Impact at Tata Trusts
David Namdar
Managing Director at Galaxy Digital
Alexander Lopatine
Managing Partner at Park Capital
Carlos Domingo
CEO, Co-Founder at Securitize
Fernando Herrera
Director Of Growth Channels & Partnerships at Telefonica
Patrick Hughes

President at

IRA Services Trust Company

Mario Pazos
Founding Partner at Security Token Group
Pedro Pinheiro
Professor at University of Porto Business School
Felipe Sommer
Founder and Chairman at Nearpod
Timothy Spangler
Partner at Dechert LLP
Michael Conn
Managing Director at Quail Creek Ventures
Steven Sprague
CEO at Rivetz
Chris Housser
CTO, Co-Founder at Polymath
Rudra Dalmia,
CEO at Indusview
Jamie Finn
CTO, Co-Founder at Securitize
Nicholas Brando
Chief Data Officer at Userwave
Herwig Koning
Founding Partner at Security Token Group
Anthony Coscio
Managing Partner TokenStack Partners LLC
Ana Paula González
500 Startups Miami
Jesus Rodriguez
CEO at Invector Labs
Satya Bajpai
Leader Blockchain and Digital Assets at JMP Securities
Michael Zavet
CEO at Hyperion
Juan Pablo Capрello
CEO at PAG Law
Ariel Muslera
RSK Labs
Josh Hurwitz
COO at Hyperion
Nisa Amoils
Managing Director
at Republic Labs
Chad Folkening
CEO at Global Ventures
Mohit Davar
CEO at Huobi Mena
Alex Mascioli
CEO at Quantreq
Katya Fisher
Law Partner

The IBI Think Tank

The Institute for Blockchain Innovation think tank includes a full roster of blockchain and cryptocurrency visionaries, as well as leaders from the fintech, venture capital, academia, and government, united in their effort to identify and solve global issues that can benefit from the adoption of blockchain technology.

Gregory Keough, Founder Institute for Blockchain Innovation Speaking at BlockFin

Gregory Keough founded the Institute for Blockchain Innovation with the mission to democratize and levele the playing field in the investment space.  IBI’s goal is to empower companies of any size to raise capital, while giving even small investors access to the types of investment opportunities they’re usually shut out of. 
Keough consulted with Blockchain industry expert attorneys,  Cooley, LLP,  to design a blockchain-based digital equity security that delivers this opportunity.

First IBI Initiative: JOBS Crypto Offering

The Institute’s first initiative is the JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO): a new approach to trading digital equity securities on the blockchain. 

The JCO is a next-gen hybrid that creates a pathway to IPO on the blockchain that is open to investors of any size. 

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