The Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI) is a think tank composed of global pioneers in the Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Blockchain Payments, and Fund space who are building the future of financial systems on the blockchain.  Founded by international Fintech and Blockchain entrepreneur Gregory Keough the IBI is at the forefront of this new shift enabling trillions of dollars to migrate to the blockchain.

Global 100 Founding Members

As an early internet entrepreneur, I saw the huge and far-reaching impact it had on so many facets of daily life. I see the same promise with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. We’re at the start of a really exciting new innovation that I think will change everything, from the way we bank to the way we invest and beyond.

Gregory Keough
Founder and Chairman, Institute for Blockchain Innovation

The market is learning that many ICOs are the modern-day equivalent of a failing company adding a dot com to their name. JCO represents something real in the blockchain/crypto space that will be a big contributor to broadening the blockchain economy by making it accessible and inclusive.

Jeremy Gardner
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Ausum Ventures

Technologies always take longer than we think to change the world but they always do so in more profound and pervasive ways then we could have ever imagined. This too will be the case with blockchain, cryptocurrencies & digital assets!

Genevieve Roch-Decter
CEO of Grit Capital

My passion has long been focused on "financial services for the rest of us,” so being on the front lines with the IBI and supporting the development of financial innovation like the JCO is incredibly exciting. With the blockchain, we can truly reach billions of people who have been abandoned by the traditional financial and investment systems. 

Sheel Mohnot
Partner 500 Startups

The JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO) aims to be the model framework that will bring blockchain based token sales and digital currencies to people in a transparent, legal and credible way. Its remarkable that the blockchain community is coming together through the IBI to openly help others navigate through the ever evolving crypto landscape.

Danny Rukhman
Blockchain Enthusiast & Investor

The impending wave of traditional asset tokenization represents a significant change in the way financial securities are issued and traded.  Equity securities are a major component of this thesis.  IBI’s initiative to open source the legal docs around this process will reduce cost and friction for issuers and help to usher in this new era.

Stephen McKeon
Associate Professor of Finance, University of Oregon

We're watching the world of cryptocurrency mature into the world of traditional finance. The regulatory frameworks provide the bridge to making it a reality. The IBI think tank will provide the regulatory tools and guidelines to enable modern businesses and governments to ease their transition into the cryptocurrency revolution.

Mason Borda
CEO Tokensoft

We’ve seen crowdfunding and ICO trying to forge a new path to capital raising, but both have run into issues. The hybrid model of the JOBS Crypto Offering looks to solve those issues by creating a path to liquidity on the blockchain in compliance with SEC regulations.

Derek Acree
Financial Industry Attorney
Trevor Koverko.jpg
Trevor Koverko
CEO at Polymath

Blockchain is an opportunity for us to finally democratise technology. The potential to build solutions that could help alleviate the "curse of an empty purse" is an exciting opportunity for the sector. Blockchain will help us offer the poorest an integrated identity and create an sustainable pathway of prosperity to finally deal with poverty in a substantive manner. On our journey to accomplish SDGs, this is the technology that promises to accelerate progress and offer hope to billions of under served people across the globe.

Anand Datla.jpg
Anand Datla
Head of Assessments and Impact at Tata Trusts
David J. Namdar.jpg
David Namdar
Managing Director at Galaxy Digital

With more than twenty years of international business experience, Alex Lopatine is recognized as a visionary strategist in the realms of finance, banking and technology.  His leadership has leveraged technological innovations to disrupt entrenched industries for the benefit of consumers, investors and partners.

2. AL - Headshot.jpg
Alexander Lopatine
Managing Partner at Park Capital
Carlos Domingo.jpg
Carlos Domingo
CEO, Co-Founder at Securitize
Fernando Herrera.jpg
Fernando Herrera
Director Of Growth Channels & Partnerships at Telefonica
Patrick Hughes.jpg
Patrick Hughes

President at

IRA Services Trust Company

We are going to see the biggest reinvention of capital formation the World has ever seen. It is a privilege to be an active agent of change and contribute to the evolution of finance.

Mario Pazos.jpg
Mario Pazos
Founding Partner at Security Token Group
Pedro Pinheiro.jpg
Pedro Pinheiro
Professor at University of Porto Business School
Felipe Sommer.jpg
Felipe Sommer
Founder and Chairman at Nearpod
Timothy Spangler.jpg
Timothy Spangler
Partner at Dechert LLP
Michael Conn.jpg
Michael Conn
Managing Director at Quail Creek Ventures
Steven Sprague.jpg
Steven Sprague
CEO at Rivetz
Chris Housser
CTO, Co-Founder at Polymath

Super excited to be a part of this great collective of knowledge, best practices and collaboration in a technology that will change our world!

Rudra Dalmia,
CEO at Indusview
Jamie Finn.jpg
Jamie Finn
CTO, Co-Founder at Securitize
Nicholas Brando
Chief Data Officer at
Herwig Koning, Founding Partner at Secur
Herwig Koning
Founding Partner at Security Token Group

Blockchain adoption will ultimately result in asset digitization across literally all traditional industry verticals.  Funding innovations like the JCO will allow access to this securitized asset class for investors worldwide. I'm supportive of the IBI think tank and being on the real time forefront of discourse and education in the revolution we are experiencing.

Anthony Coscio
Managing Partner TokenStack Partners LLC
Ana Paula González
500 Startups Miami
Jesus Rodriguez
CEO at Invector Labs
Satya Bajpai
Leader Blockchain and Digital Assets at JMP Securities
Michael Zavet
CEO at Hyperion
Juan Pablo Capрello
CEO at PAG Law
Ariel Muslera
RSK Labs
Josh Hurwitz
COO at Hyperion
Nisa Amoils
Managing Director
at Republic Labs
Chad Folkening
CEO at Global Ventures
Mohit Davar
CEO at Huobi Mena
Alex Mascioli
CEO at Quantreq
Katya Fisher
Law Partner

The IBI Think Tank

The Institute for Blockchain Innovation think tank includes a full roster of blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrency visionaries, as well as leaders from the fintech, venture capital, academia, and government, united in their effort to identify and solve global issues that can benefit from the adoption of blockchain technology.

Gregory Keough, Founder Institute for Blockchain Innovation Speaking at BlockFin